Help with Inlay generator

Having problems with the Inlay generator, I set my bit size and zero tolerance and nothing fits. I have try about a dozen times and can’t get anything to work correctly. Any help would be appreciated.

You have to have some tolerance or the plug will not go into the female. Not sure how much but I think it might be around .03".
There are two inlay threads from within the last couple of weeks, both of the threads have inlay in the title. Neil Fererri explains a much better way than the generator. I just put pics in the thread ‘unusual way to use vertical table’ showing my 5th inlay, so far only my second one out of five did not work. If Neil is not around I can talk you through his method.

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Anthony thanks for the response , I’ll go check out the other thread, my inlays go in there is just to big of gaps.

I rough carve in with 1/4" upcut bit and detail carve with a 60deg V bit.
I did what Neil F suggested and am very pleased with the results.