Help with "Lone Star" V-Carve?

Hey Everyone,

I am working on what I thought would be a simple task and unfortunately I am having a serious brain wreck…

Lone Star

I need to V-carve a star like the one above and I am stumped. What I am after is to have the star v-carve start at the points of the star and increase in depth towards the center.

Has anyone seen or created something similar?



I believe, quite literally, that you need to create a (solid) star and specify a v-bit. It will do exactly what you want, as long as the depth you specify is deep enough for the v-bit in question. Try it in Easel and look at the detailed preview.


Thanks for the input.

I will give it a shot.

I was over thinking it…

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I feel a bit stupid…

A simple vector outline of the star v-carved yielded exactly what I was after.

Thank you all for your replies.

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happens to everybody. We expect things to be more difficult than they are… good job!!

and depending on how deep you want to carve/ how big the star is… you will want to use a different v-bit. … a 60 degree bit will have to be deeper than a 90 degree bit at the same size. and a 90 degree bit will be deeper than a 120 degree bit

Thank you.

I worked out nicely.