Help with making a File

Hello maker’s! I am trying to make a Navy’s Gunner’s Mate Cross Cannon for a friends Retirement for his shadowbox. I have a cross cannons file, however it is very basic and it would be just a cut out of the outline. I would like some detail to the cannons. First image is what i have and the second image is what i would like to achieve. Any help or guidnace would be greatly appreciated.
FB_IMG_1603883016576 want

you can make the design from scratch and make each element have a different height, or you can create this in 3D CAD program and generate the CAM then export the gcode to the machine.

I would just make the element different heights in easel with something this basic.

but here is a tutorial on 3D CAD/CAM software if you are wanting to up your skills. Just watch the video on this project.