Help with making a workable svg

Hey everyone could someone help me take this provided svg and make it so it has 1 path when cutting currently if you open this in easel the spiral has 2 paths that the bit follows when cutting it out

I want to cut this shape out just using a .125 inch bit I want to cut all the way through the material and not have to follow an outline around the piece

know what i mean?

if you need more info please let me know thanks

what size is SVG? I loaded it Inkscape and it’s 8.8 x 5 inches, At it’s current size the path width is only .05

Path is not a single line, it is a filled shape

would this work for you?


hey man thanks you are a legend!!! the spiral that i am trying to cut out is 3.25" wide and tall

and yeah I think that should work let me try it out and how did you do that?

I created a spiral in inkscape and then duplicated it and then attached them in the center and it seemed to work alright but i am really curious on how you took that existing svg and changed it for some reason the usual way that i do it to other images didnt work on this one


see my next problem is this image below

if you go in easel and the shape is under the icons tab but what i need to do it basically explode it and make it so I can change all different shapes within the main shape to different depths basically cut it up into a bunch of different parts you know what i mean?

I thought the xploder app was for doing this but i cant seem to get it to work lol

basically what i need to do is cut all the way through the material on the stuff in the middle and the outside shape I only want to go .030" deep or so

would this work for you?

I used the offsetter app in easel and set it to .025


Oh I didnt even think about using the offseter to do that yeah that should work do you have an easel file?

it’s the file from the Icon menu in easel, just load it and use the offsetter

oh yeah I can do that

Offseter? What offseter app?

offsetter app

very bottom of the app menu