Help with proper tram adjustment

I have an issue with the bit perpendicular to the X,Y rails. What is the best method for correcting this?
I need help from the community to correct this. (It may have been addressed but I must have missed it in the search.)
You can see the ridges its creating . I did shim the bottom of the Z rail but I do not know how to do it more accurately.

Here you can see a line every time it moves diagonally in x and y you see a slight ridge where that diagonal went. This has me confused as to what its called or how to fix it.

I am in the middle of a project so I can’t do much so I am going to sand it to remove the slight bumps. Hopefully it will not be noticed. :slight_smile: I will post my project when I have it completed.

I just got done fixing mine this morning. Check out my thread… it has a few tips. My skim cut looked very similar to yours before my fix.

My issue was mostly due to missing washers on the X-carriage V-wheels. Check that the V-wheels are assembled correctly first. Then, if needed, loosen the X-rail(s) then rotate them as needed then tighten them back down. Then focus on your Z. Again, check the V-wheels then adjust the rail as needed.

It’s also recommended to check that your square is square.

Hope it helps.

I do not understand what you are talking about.

I don’t think there is a mirror, I think he was doing a second pass. I see what you’re seeing though. =)

All I know is that there is not an easy way to adjust this.
You can’t go off of the waste board. Its not a perfect size and the framework underneath can be off.
The best way is to use a couple of levels and this is what I can do but It requires a lot of work and special table construction. ( I am seriously considering this.)
My issue was partially fixed using shims that shows that the Z is not at right angles to X and Y.
I have the solid X rail and there is no adjustments. This should have been thought of and there should have been some mechanism for this.

The amount of slop was not present in my setup.
It was a very tight fit