Help with smooth edges

Hi Everybody,

I have a problem, that someone might have a solution to. I’m carving a long track, but when as you can se on this picture, the edges looks like rough pixels. I can’t figure out if it is the .stl file that is wrong, or if it is the X-carve that is making this. I believe that the X-carve is just turning the step motors as the g-code is telling it to do.

The material is a 21 mm birch plywood. I’m running 600 mm per minute with a cut depth at 2 mm. The spindle is a Makita and the bit is 6 mm in diameter up and down spindle.

Check your file too. The lines stay parallel and it looks like it could be in your file or graphic. Was this a bitmap to vector conversion (picture to lines). Easy to check, just zoom way into your image and see if the lines are smooth or rough.

If they are rough - use your Node Edit feature to straighten them out or you may want to find a higher resolution file to convert.

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Could also be tool deflection?

Does it behave the same if you go slower/faster/deeper or more shallow?
How does it behave with the same file but with a different material?

I found that it was the .stl file, that for too rough in resolution. So it was carved as it should. I could actually see it if I zoomed in all the way in Easel. Now I have imported the track as an image file, and the result is much better :slight_smile: