Help with SVG files in Easel

I was asked to do a carving for a gift for a high school coach. I was given some images they want on it, they aren’t the best images. I converted them to black and white, then used inkscape to make an svg file. I try to open them in Easel and it says can’t import that svg. I am sure I am doing something wrong, can anyone help me? I am new th converting and from the videos I have watched, I am doing it correctly I believe.


Did you try bring one in at a time? I have not been able to bring multiple images into easel from Inkscape.

Yes, I did the pitch fork by itself and saved it. Then did the imp image and saved it. No matter which one I tried to open in easel, I would get the message saying it can’t import it.

In Inkscape, ctrl+shift+k to break apart the path. Save. Import to Easel.

By the way, the pitchfork is an ASU logo and the little blue devil is, I believe, an old Duke thing. I’m sure you’ll find better images. Arizona State still uses the pitchfork, I think, so you’ll probably find a high quality one.

I don’t have InkScape so I don’t know what to tell you the problem was, I use CorelDraw.
The artwork isn’t the best but I took it into Corel and changed it into a vector, then saved it as an SVG.
Watch more videos on youtube about tracing in InkScape.
Good Luck

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Thank you so much! I am trying to learn that is for sure. I use my xcarve for a few projects that I make repeats on. New to making signs from scratch.


You’re welcome.

I explained what I did :smiley:

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I know you did.