Help with Tiling

Hello! I know theres a detailed video on tiling but I just need a little extra help! I have someone who wants a 48 in name cuoutout. Are you able to cut all the way through when tiling and how hard is it to get it exactly accurate. I’m scared if waisting that much wood if I mess up and really just need some help and some tips because there’s not much out there, Thanks!

Personally, I like to cut the face of the alignment block to ensure its perfectly in line with the Y axis movement… but in this video @PhillipLunsford uses edge blocks slid into place and if your very precise that method will work just fine…

Also I like to use the Y axis to measure and mark the board for the distance to slide the workpiece for the tile movements… then I don’t have to worry about the Y movement distance being calibrated different than my tape measure.

Ohh, ive also split a larger project up and then doweled and glued the 2 partd back together… this 7ft diameter moon was 2 parts glued in the center (with a piece of 1/4" plywood spanning the glue joint on the back for added strength) :flushed:

Thank you!! Yes I couldn’t figure it out before and I cut this piece in half and just glued it together and you’d never even know!


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