Help with v bit

Can anyone tell me why the v bit is causing the indentions on the letters? Aspire shows them to not be there. Bit has been measured and is exactly.25.” Appears to be exactly 60 degree bit. Used triquerta for depth and appears to be spot on. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Not accounting for the small flat spot on the tip of the bit I’m guessing.
Gotta input your tool as an engraving bit and not vbit.

I am guessing the V angle is not same as selected in Aspire.
Note the width of top surface of the M design vs actual carve.
However that would not explain this.

So here’s the reason the line is not there it’s because I sanded the area to get rid of the stain. In the picture number one is where I’m still having the problem. It got better when I switced to an engraving bit But still have not got perfect letters. Do you think this is the best machine can do or am I missing something? Also number two is an area of the bit it isn’t hitting and I think it is because the machine is not lining up on the corner properly. Thanks a lot for any help.

Actually I’m after looking at it I don’t think changing to engraving bit made any difference. Could I be getting my flat depth wrong? And how to determine flat depth? I don’t have paperwork on the bit I have unfortunately.

if there isn’t any serial numbers on it that you can google you might just want to play around with the flat spot width. maybe try around .01-.03" or so

Thanks so much for all the help. It is very possible that i might have damaged the bit. I will play with the flat depths and order a new bit. Thanks again