Helppppppp :) yeah no clue what i am doing

Ok so I have never used a cnc we had one but my husband ran it.
I have the xcarve…I for the most part put it together.

I trying to learn how to use the software…easel.

How in the world… Ok so I made an svg uploaded it into easel and a preview of it popped up. I want to outside of my project carved out but there is lettering in thw center of my project that i just need engraved. Can someone send me a step by step or a video (YouTube would be easiest i suppose)

I really want to learn how to use my cnc :frowning:
But I’m getting frustrated.

Welcome to the community!

This video shows how to use Easel (but if you created an svg outside of Easel, you might not need this video… I’m not sure where you’re stuck):

This video shows you how to set up and run a carve using Easel:

If you’re still stuck, we’re here to help!

Not sure exactly what you need but I have many videos on using Easel. @KimberlyFranzen. Thanks for suggesting my videos. I just noticed this. @VanessaBrito Here is the link to my channel:


A screen shot of your Easel project, or even shared publicly would aid is tremendously to see what you want to work with :slight_smile: