Here’s a dozy of a question!

Does anyone or has anyone know if you can use your x-carve to flatten a surface and if you can what surfacing bit would you use??

People do it all the time…make sure everything is tram.

This depends on what material you’re flattening and what you want to spend. For a small project you can just use any flat endmill, but there are 1/4" shank surfacing bits available everywhere.

I have used this 1" spoil board surfacing bit to surface many things from the machine’s spoil board slats to 6061 flat bar stock aluminum before machining pieces of out it. With aluminum, you have to get it flat and then just have the bit kiss the material for one or two passes to get that nice finish, but it is doable. Ideally, for flattening surfaces, your bit diameter would be wider than the material being flattened, but this is not always doable, especially on hobby machines and/or large pieces of material.


Amana makes fantastic bits, but I can’t say I would purchase this beast. I thoroughly enjoy their Single O-Flute bits, especially for milling aluminum…


Brandon R. Parker