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Here's A Free Holiday Carving Pattern

I've created a new web site ( and want to celebrate by giving away a free Holiday carving pattern that looks like this:

You will need to have a pencil shaped carving bit to run this g-code.

The Carollers carving pattern g_code is set up with these standard settings.
It is set up for Inch.
The Post Processor in Iso.
The size is X=7.75 by Y=10.0 by Z=.25.
The Reference Point is Centered.
The Feed Rate is 120 inches per min.
The Plunge Rate is 60 inches per min.
The G-Code is made to run with a 1/16 Ball Nose 5.5 Degree Tapered (pencil shaped) three flute Carving bit.
The code is made to travel 0.125 inches above the material in the areas that are not being cut.
And the step-over is set for Medium Resolution 5 steps per 1/16 inch.
The Machining Angle is set to traverse back and forth along the X axis.

Here's the g-code and the text file readme wrapped up in a zip file. (442.3 KB)

I'm interested to hear if anybody runs this project.

Merry Christmas

Very nice. I checked out your website, looking good.

One thing I'd like to say...I order quite a few models to use for carving on my CNC, I always order the STL version as it allows me to incorporate the element into my design. I personally would never order only the g-code.

I wish you the best of success with this.

The 3D files I make are high polygon mesh. They're large files. I can decimate them for email. But they also need some additional smoothing and modeling that way.

I'm wondering if the Iso g-code works with the x-carve.

Here's the Carollers g-code that can be imported straight to Easel. I've uploaded the zip file that has the code and a txt file with info. (226.3 KB)