Hey, dads! We want to see you and your kids carving!

With Father’s Day approaching, we want to see pictures of dads using X-Carve, Carvey, and/or Easel with their kids. Here’s a great example from @PhilJohnson:

When submitting photos, please make sure children are wearing proper safety equipment if they are near or operating machinery. Safety first!

Please submit your photos here.

P.S. - “Dog dads” and “cat dads” can totally submit photos, too :heart_eyes_cat:

Note: By uploading your photos, you grant Inventables permission to feature you and your awesome family in our social media posts and ads. Thanks!


@SteveCarmichael just sent in this fantastic photo of him and his kids—plus the projects they’ve made together.

Thanks, Steve!

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One of my grandkids in the shop with me


Yard work still needs to be done after shop time

After a hard day in the shop, it time to crash


Granddaughter in the shop

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My son Carson helping helping me apply Oromask and getting the xcarve going! (The google form must have a small file size set, wont allow upload there.)

He loves it out here and is always trying to build something. I make it a point to try and include him in every project in some way so he can learn. It’s always a cool feeling when you can take something from his head and show him how to turn it into something he can hold. You just see that light go off every time!