Hide drill icon

Is there a way to hide the drill icon.
When designing something like a crib board, the drill icons cover everything and none of the other design can be seen or is difficult to work on.
There shoul be a way to disable the icon when not needed.

Set them to “0” depth… just remember to set the depth when you’re ready to carve. Another way is to duplicate the design tab then delete everything but the drill. Then run this as a separate path.

Thanks Robert10.
I usually create a workspace for each layer but I also overlay them so that I can check the layout.
I will try the change in depth and see if it helps.
It would be nice to just turn off the drill overlay and just show the drill holes when required.

I tried setting the depth to zero. It has no effect on the display of the drill icons.
This is a real issue when designing a product with many drill holes.
It should be fixed.

Or you could simply move the drill holes to another worksheet as suggested.

Thanks Robert10 but that doesn’t help The idea is to place items on the worksheet just to test their location. After the location is set they are placed on their own worksheet.
Using the shape objects they can be done easily but not using the drill. It is impossible to see where they are using the drill.

Ok, I understand.

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