High density urethane foam

Any of you ever used high density urethane foam on your x-carve? It’s basically a synthetic material that is designed for sign making with a CNC machine or for sand blasting. I got two small 8"x8" samples from a manufacturer a while back, and I carved out a small image on it tonight, just to try it out.

This stuff is amazing. I feel like I could carve it as fast as I want, even with the 1/32" bit I was using, with no problem. It cut like butter, edges all very smooth. The manufacturer says it’s very paintable as well, so any of our sign painting techniques would work very well. I would love to use this to make all kinds of signs.

The problem is, I think it’s quite expensive. I haven’t been able to find a solid price online anywhere, but it only seems to be sold in huge 4x8 or larger sheets. Anyone have a source for smaller pieces of this stuff, super cheap? Wishful thinking, I’m sure. But it was really nice stuff to use. I need to find a local source somehow, who will give me offcuts for free or something!

I’ve used it, It comes in different densities, you can go to http://precisionboard.com/ and request a free sample. The only places that sell small pieces sell really small pieces like here at inventables https://www.inventables.com/categories/materials/machinable-foam or https://othermachine.co/store/materials/machinable-foam/

There are many places online where you can order free samples.

That’s what I did listening you Allen. I’ve got several samples from two different companies, they’re calling to ask if I like it or not almost everyday. :rage:

Isn’t ordering free samples with no intention of ever paying for something a bit shady?

Why do you think you would never order any? It is a very good material. If I have the right project, I would certainly use it.

I have had several long conversations with them. They are not pushy, they are just interested in what I may use it for,
It is the manufacturer calling me, they don’t do retail sales so they are not trying to sell me anything.

Never find project to use them. No time. Besides, samples are very small.

I have been carving my daughter lots of little 3D animals from them.

Sorry, I should t have jumped to that conclusion right of the bat. I use HDPE and pvc foam board all the time. If you live in Canada and want a cheaper source look for “Puck Board” it’s HDPE. It’s the white board that lines a hockey rink.

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Puck board is about $55 for a 4 x 8 sheet of 1/4 inch. Not bad at all.

Sign Board and Precision Board (High Density Urethane products) are about twice the price.