Higher Y-plates

I have made some upgrades on my machine and the latest is new Y-plates that will increase the spindle height with 40 mm. They are machined from 4 mm steel (1 mm thicker than original) so they’re really rigid.

I will probably make more of them (since I have the CAD and a manufacturer) if there is interest - just give me a hint. I haven’t decided price yet.

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Charley sells them already on his site.


Ok, I wasn’t aware. But mine are made of steel.

Hi Peter,

What sort of price are we talking to get them to the UK?



Price to NY? Which is better steel or aluminum? I need to raise mine to add t slots without having to do a lot of mods to replace the wasteboard entirely. The triquetra is apparently out of stock

The aluminum is cheaper material and works fine. the ones I bought from Charlie work great.
Phil mentioned stress on the ones he made and Charlie’s are thick and can handle the stress with no problems.
Steel is ok but its all about cost if either will work. I would go with what you can afford.

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I used 1/4" aluminum and they don’t budge…nice and solid.

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Aluminium or steel, both are good enough - but steel is… hard as steel.

I will calculate a price, they will be affordable.

I went triquetra, I couldn’t beat the price.

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The problem with the Triquetra solution is that for overseas customers like myself they insist on you purchasing the touch plate as well which I don’t need. This costs more plus the cost of importing from the US is prohibitive in many cases, it’s easier and cheaper to find a European supplier if possible.

I’m situated in Europe and will not insist that you must buy a touch plate. I was about to purchase Triquetra but since it would be to expensive I made my own. And I will make more of them.

Any progress Peter?

I could start to manufacture them right away but my plan is to provide a kit with the plates and a longer Z-axis guide rail. The lower V-wheels tend to come to near the end of the rail and if you use a small and short bit and thin material they risk to slip off the rail. As the Y-plates are 40 mm higher the rail must be 40 mm longer than the original. So this must be solved, I have contacted Inventables but haven’t got any answer.

So if anyone knows where I can get the aluminium profiles with the right shape, please contact me.

Of course… my brain wasn’t properly connected. Since i modded mine I have to shim up (thinner) material to avoid the risk that the V-wheels will slip of.

So what’s linear slide Z axis?

I wasn’t expecting anything other than the Y plates, just like the Tiquetra offering. If I fall into the trap of the Z axis potentially coming off the rails than I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it, but I see it as a minor inconvenience at worst.

I have just ordered 40 of them at a metal workshop. They will be water jet cut from 4 mm steel. I´ll get back when they’re ready for shipping.

Where in Europe are you located?

Stockholm, Sweden.