Hit back space key

When I am hitting the back space key, it asked if I want to leave this page.

I’ve tried on two different computers and doing the same

Any ideas please, as to why ?


That is the function of the backspace key on the web browser. If you’re trying to delete something, use the delete key.

Thank you Neil
I feel silly now



When editing size and position in Easel I can use backspace with no issues.
What browser are you using?

I am using Easel pro and it happens when I am using the text creation button.


What browser? Easel is an application. You use a browser to connect to Easel. I use Chrome.

I use the old google…not Chrome


Sorry I am not familiar with “the old google”. I thought Chrome was the only Google browser unless you are on a cell or tablet.

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I’m guessing it’s an Internet Explorer thing.
@Kel, use Chrome.