HItachi 12vm and the new maker slide

I have just ordered the parts for my 1000mm X-CARVE and am wondering if anybody has mounted the Hitachi 12m router to it. The original posting of this subject got kind of distracted when it came to the actual mounting specs on the build. I have read all the postings on this subject and came away with more questions than answers so I am hoping to get a responce from those who have built this system because I just happen to own the hitachi and would like all the information I can get, especially when it concerns mounting to the new makerslide.

Thats heavier than the Dewalt 611

A quick search shows this Hitachi 12vc is AWESOME! and a bunch of other threads. I have more than just the X axis upgrade and I’m thinking about it as well for the fact that I have hundreds of 1/2" and 3/8" endmills.


Yes it is. The power pac weighs around 6.5 pounds, however it’s been done before both with the original duel rail system(with the steel bar mode) and with the open builds rail system with some success. That is what I’m trying to find out. Since I have already purchased the new maker rail I am hoping to find out how it performs not only using the standard mounting system but also with a 5" to 6" linear Z axis. I have read every thing on the forum regarding this subject but have some questions regarding hard data on it’s performance.

It’s good to know that I’m not alone in this quest. I have read all the material on the forum about this and I know that it can be done with good results.There was 3 other posting on this subject in the “upgrade” section if you would like more information.

I havn’t got the new makers slide but I have been in contact with the author of “HITACHI IS AWESONE” and got some more information on his past building experience withe the steel sandwich version and the open builds rail system. this subject is still alive hopefully inventables will send me my new slide soon.

I have just completed my X axis with a Hitachi 12vc on a 5" to 6" linear slide on the left side and a Makita 700 with another 5" to 6" linear slide on the right side for a usable length of about 24" on the X axis. Using a digital dial indicator, I found I had a .0015" to .002" sag in the middle. More test to be done but i found the readings so far are pretty consistent.