Hitachi M12vc - the only router you should own

Ironically I did see your post. How has the hose clamp setup held for you?

Personally I am enjoying using a 6 v wheel setup with a PETG print mount as its way more secure than the factory options.

I do mostly furniture builds and every cut must be like razor perfect.

The setup is going just fine. I have made about 150 signs using the Hitachi. I’ll include a picture of my biggest sign yet. There are many solutions to a problem.

Does it weight more than dewalt, how many? thanks

Dewalt 611 is lighter however the aluminum mounting hardware is drastically heavier than the 3D printed PETG mounting options for the Hitachi M12VC.

Also I think the light weight of the dewalt and Makita is a bad thing. It allows the CNC to jitter with greater ease.

Since upgrading to the Hitachi I’ve not had one single jitter and everything has been so perfect and smooth.

where do you find this monster chuck thing?

They have a website. I’m personally not a fan of it as there is no half Inch option.

The chuck opening itself is the 1/2" opening.

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I also have a Hitachi… well mine is branded as a METABO but it is the same company. I love mine. I got mine for $99. Mine is going to live on my CNC so I have no need for the extra bases… it did come with the fixed base though.

Metabo is actually a good brand. I believe they bought Hitachi which is why the Hitachi sander also looks similar to the Metabo.


I never did see the 3d printed spindle mount appear on here, so I rolled my own. I copied the design from the 80mm OD from thingiverse. I modeled it in Here’s the link to the file:

83 mm OD spindle mount - bottom.stl (725.9 KB)

83mm OD spindle mount - top.stl (815.1 KB)

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Hi, I believe it is called a “Muscle Chuck” You can get them from Amazon. They work GREAT! You’ll wonder why you didn’t buy one sooner!..

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Kevin where can i buy the mount for the Hitachi M12vc my email is
Phone # 304620-5800



I don’t have any idea where to buy one, but I sure would like to know if you find out! Dennis,

I just sent you two an e-mail with information for either a Hitachi M12VC or a Bosch 1617 which is actually the better of the two.

Sorry for not replying sooner. I’ve been having some medical issues this past week and no thanks to Covid19 most doctors where I am located are not even physically seeing patients.

I can’t believe the are handling appointments using Xoom Conferencing. Its just unbelievable this is what society has come to.

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Have any more of these I am so tired of replacing my dewalt.

Why would you replace your Dewalt? If the router stops working it’s probably the brushes.

Yea but in the middle of a project it sucks

Are you still selling the kits to adapt to the Hitachi router. I just purchased a X-carve and it maybe February before I can get the Dewalt router. Email

Have you thought about the Makita router?

If it will fit that would be great.