Hitachi M12vc - the only router you should own

Started with a Dewalt that blew brushes and Makita always had issues whether corded or 18V.

I bought a Hitachi M12vc 2.25hp router and it’s worth every penny.

To start with. It uses either half Inch or quarter Inch collets and no adapter is needed as it comes with the collet for both.

Also comes with collets for dovetail jigs as well as both fixed and plunge bases for only $129.

Performance wise it blows Makita and Dewalt away. Weighs a bit more however if using a 3D printed bracket you save a bit anyways.

I am now able to do cuts almost 3 times faster than before all while this router is producing less noise. Anyways in short cheaper than other options and the fit with xcarve is perfect.


Uses the same dewalt mount?

No the dewalt and Makita are 65/68mm. This is 83mm. I had the Mount printed by a local 3D printer. Uploading…

Fitment is so perfect it goes better than the oem dewalt and is smooth as butter at low rpms.

i am about ready to retire my dewalt, after only about 7 months. i loved my colt, but the available mount ( from here) was terrible, and left a lot to be desired for stiffness. i’m going to be looking at another upgrade, or a better mount for the colt.

maybe i’ll look into the hitachi after the Z upgrade

Would you have the 3D file for the mount? I’ve been using a solid aluminum mount, but I think it’d be nice to run something lighter.

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I asked the print company for the modified design. I took one I found for an 80mm and had them modify it for 83mm.

What makes this so great the back plate has 6 mounting holes that fit the Inventables universal spindle plate.

Because it uses all 6 it’s incredibly sturdy. I’d go as far to say drastically improved on the standard dewalt or Makita mount.

I am also using 2 of the threaded nuts that the Z axis rod goes through as I find it makes the Z axis incredibly steady. I mean I havent experienced any jitterness or jumping in any materials and thus far every cut is substantially cleaner.

This is the base design.


That’s great. I find the solid billet aluminum mount that I have is really solid, but it is really hefty too. And only 4 mount points.

This one is very light and sturdy.

Hi Kevin. I don’t see the link to the mount, I think it was supposed to be on the third post (second one you posted), but I only see a link that says “Uploading”. Would you mind posting the link to the file again.

Thank you

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I’m still waiting on our vendor to send the finalized 3D file over. The one I have was an 80mm that we modded to fit the 83mm router.

I’ve been running as fast as 108 in per minute in walnut.

Finding around 2500rpm is the sweet spot as it goes through like a hot knife in butter.

Looks to be this one:

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Except that’s 80mm and the Hitachi is 83.1275mm.

Needs to be modded so the 6 hex bolts don’t interfere. We added material to the back as the Z axis rod tolerance was too tight.

Overall the weight savings from using a printed spindle mount over the bulky aluminum one makes it so the upgrade doesn’t add a Significant amount of weight to the X axis which is extremely important as this router is notably different.

For those interested we are making a new design that will incorporate the dust extraction fitting on to the back piece of the Hitachi mount that will make for a solid one piece design.

We are using using plastic that has quite a bit of flexibility yet is still rigid to hold it together. Idea is to ensure any vibration won’t damage the Mount.

I figure if we can add in a dust extraction system and have it all priced less than $100 it would be an obvious upgrade for most Xcarve owners.

Quite frankly I’m shocked Inventables didn’t have the Hitachi as the default router from day #1.

Significantly better power. It doesn’t throw brushes non stop. It doesn’t overheat under proper loads and heck can use either 1/2 or 1/4 inch fittings and does not need a collet adapter.

I get Hitachi isn’t as well known but this router is on another level versus the compact hand routers.

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I have a Shapeoko 2, and was planning on upgrading to the Makita. Does anyone know if this Hitachi would fit onto the Shapeoko, or any other problems with putting it on the Shapeoko instead of a Makita or Dewalt?

It will fit absolutely fine. You just need the appropriate mount. For Xcarve they sell a universal mounting plate that we all use.

I would not recommend using the aluminum mounts for the Hitachi as they are easily 15-20x heavier than having one 3D printed.

The primary reason to print the Mount is to minimize how much extra weigh you are adding to the X axis tail. By using a plastic 3D printed mount the total weight ends up being just slightly more than using either the Makita or Dewalt palm routers.

This is the newest version of the Mount I am Making and selling on EBay soon. I will have one regular version that uses suckit dust boot and one mount that will incorporate a dust shoe as well that we are working on.

The reason this is better is because it uses all 6 Mouning holes enabling a much more rigid secure fitment. You can use 1 2 or 3 of the Z axis rod nuts as well which provides better stability of the Z axis.

Fact is the Hitachi is only $129 and includes;

Fixed Router Base
Plunge Router Base
1/2" bit collet
1/4" bit collet
Complete set of dovetail jig collets
Hard carry case

You can also find the Hitachi somtimes just with the fixed base for $89-99. Either way the upgrade pays its own. I sold my Makita 18V with all the mounting hardware for more than the Hitachi cost me all together.

This mount uses a softer plastic that is still rigid but allows for a lot of movement ensuring any vibration won’t crack or brake the Mount.

If you are Curious I am selling them with all the necessary hardware needed.

For sale where and how you h?


Kenneth sent you an email.

Also we are having a dust shoe printed toda6
It will lock on to the bottom of the M12vc router. Unfortunately it didnt work well as a 1 piece spindle/dust shoe unit so two piece it is.

It is about 20-30% cheaper than the suckit option and we can have them shipping next day.

I agree that the Hitachi is the best thing I did for my X-carve about two years ago. The main reason I wnted a 1/2" router was so I could use the MONSTER CHUCK. I have a friend with a Shark CNC and he used the Monster Chuck. The onster chuck is screwed on to the bottom of the router and you use the allen wrench (Blue Handle), a quarter turn and the bit drops down and a quarter turn and the bit is tight. I talked to the manufacturer of the Monster chuck, and he realized the growing number od DeWalt 611’s and he was going to work on a chuck for the DeWalt. I waited six months and no new chuck, so he did make a chuck for the Hicachi and I got mine from and absolutely loved it.
I could not find a suitable holder so I ordered a backplate and two mount backs from X-Carve, transfered my wheels, got two stainless steel straps from Lowe’s and I have been in business. I believe I paid about $25 for the parts, cheaper than any other mout holder I could find on line. I have been really happy with the increase in power, less noise (quieter) and the addition of the Monster Chuck. I ordered a 1/4" and a 1/8" collets from Monster chuck and now I can use 1/2". 1/4" and /1/8" bits. The Hitachi is a good econimical choice and a good addition for the X-Carve.

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