Hitachi M12VC with a solid spindle mount

I was inspired by @AndyAnderson’s post on the Hitachi M12VC, along with others. I wanted something more powerful than the DeWalt, but that would be more or less plug-and-play. Here’s what I ended up with:

I liked that there’s a few different places with CNC mounts available specifically for this router from Velox CNC, CNC Router Parts, and others). But they’re all based on a 1" x 2.5" hole spacing. So I added that hole pattern to the CAD file for the Makerslide spindle mounting plate.

Here’s the resulting model (available @


I milled it out of a sheet of quarter-inch aluminum and went with the mount from CNC Router Parts. It all fit together perfectly:

To assemble, I just transferred the V-wheels over from my DeWalt spindle mount. Overall, took about 30 minutes to machine and about 15 minutes to put together. Total cost was $194 (discounted $98 for the router, $20 for the aluminum sheet, and $76 for the mount).


That was my whole idea for posting it. Your mount looks really solid. Now if you get a Musclechuck, you will be complete. I hope you get lots of years of service from your Hitachi.

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@AndyAnderson Thanks! MuscleChuck is definitely next on my list, hopefully sometime next year.