Ho do I get may standard easel back

I don´t want the Easel Pro
How do I get rid of it, and get my normal easel back please

Easel switches to “Pro” if you incorporate Pro features in your project. To revert to standard Easel, you will need to remove any design elements that utilize the Pro features (“Pro” fonts, V carving). Once all Pro elements are removed, your project will automatically revert to standard Easel and not use up any of your free Easel Pro days.


Perfect explanation!

Start a new project and dont use the V-bit option from the tool selection, or any of the fonts marked with “Pro”.

Thank´s Sir

It is the vbit option as well as the pro fonts that make up easel pro

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True, corrected my above post.

All of the answers above are correct. Also, if the PRO icon is in your carve button and you are not a PRO subscriber, when you click “Carve” a modal will come up explaining exactly which PRO features you are using. This will be true over time as more PRO features are added.

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