Holes aren't perfectly round

Why are my fidget spinner hikes not coming out perfectly round? You can see in the pic that there is light around the bearing.

You have a point AngusMcleod

Uneven circle = uneven resistance/friction in your system, usually very noticable in curves where it transition from X to Y or vice versa. One of your axis is looser / more slack than the other.

Yes I have. Might need to do it again.

Something is probably loose.
If it is a “lopsided” circle, it is usually a sign of a loose belt.
If it is more of an “ellipse” then it may be steps per mm issue.

Thanks guys. Sorry I haven’t replied until now. Work happened…lol. I will recalibrate the steps and check all belts and such on Saturday. Being in IT and going thru a huge acquisition blows…haha

How did you go? I’m having this problem too, no matter how many V wheels I readjust.