Holes directly from svg or dxf

Hello everyone,

I have a project with hundereds of holes I’d like to drill with the drill function. Is there a way to have easel detect them directly as holes from small circles, dot. points or anything from the dxf or svg file ?

Now I import my dxf with small circles but then I have to create a hole, center it on my circle, remove the circle… One by one.


Doesn’t easel take the circle in your dxf as a toolpath and if you selected say a 1/4" bit, the resultant hole is 3/8" Dia? That’s how it is in UGS. It would be combination of tool selection and circle drawn to get the hole you want. If you wanted a larger hole you’d have to cut out the inside.

@SeanMooney Created an Easel app:

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Yes it does but what I want is the drill function (up down Z without XY motion) as it’s way faster. Also my holes are 1mm in diameter and I want to make them with a 1mm bit.

How does it work ? Now when I click on this icon I only get a hole placed randomly and then I align it my my circle. Is there a “convert” function I missed ?

It says to select the circles that you want to convert (before you open App).
Maybe your circles are not actually circles?

Can you share the Easel Project?

Here is the link to the project: hhttps://easel.inventables.com/projects/rhIiPb1LtssBh71ZimGh2Q

All the holes are 2mm diameter circles in the dxf I imported. I’ve tried to set the bit diameter to 1.9 (no luck) and I’ll have to set it down to as low as 1.8 if I want easel to try to cut anything. But again I’d prefer to be able to use the drill function for those holes and keep the true bit diameter…



Awesome ! Thanks guys !!!