Holiday candy dishes (and pooping reindeer project share)

Very nice. How large are they and how long does it take to run? Also how many bit chages?

Very nice Phil! I have the whites side bowl and tray bit and a dish template that I bought a while before getting my CNC but never got a chance to use it. I should get it added to my tool library and get to using it! I use V-Carve, what settings did you use in your tool library?

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The moose makes me thirsty for eggnog…


I dont have a vehicle big enough for all the people I need to bring out to the middle of nowhere!

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On my ToDo list:


Thanks Phil. I really need to make one of these for my inlaws but I don’t have time to play around with the design. If you could share the project that would be most excellent.

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I would love to make one of these! Thanks Phil that would be awesome!

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Got Link?

Cool Idea!
I think I will make some shapes myself.

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Found this PDF design online.

Candy pooper.pdf (349.1 KB)


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Thank you for sharing this! I might try to make this my first project!

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would this bit work?

How are you attaching the head to the poop pusher?

may you document the procedures?
step by step if you do not mind, phil.

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I feel like I am watching Discovery Channel right now… :slight_smile:

“The anatomy of the majestic Reindeer” …

Great work as always Phil…


That looks great! The only issue I see is that when gluing the top half of the body on, if there is any glue squeeze it could lock up the moving parts.

I was thinking that a couple guide pins to keep the front lined up perfectly would be a good idea.

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