Holy mother of wasted movements

Instead of going line by line…it does 3 letters on one line, jumps up 6 lines, does a letter, jumps down 3 lines, does 4 letters, jumps up 1 line does 2 letters…and so on

So much wasted time. The one thing that drives me nuts. Also tried using Pro for v carving this…a test and I said to hell with it after a few minutes. Back to a 1/32” downcut bit.

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it has been cutting like that for a while now. used to cut across in the order you put the text in but now it goes up and down. i agree it is a waste of a lot of time.

Text on top and bottom and carving now with a 1/16” bit SAME THING! Nothing in the middle. Carved a few letters at the very top, then couple at the very bottom. Skips back and forth…from top to bottom is 16”. Instead of carving everything at the top, then moving to the bottom…it does this. Holy crap this is annoying and a big waste of time.

I was carving out two rectangles yesterday one above the other, it would carve one rectangles pass , then lift up and move up to the other rectangle and run that pass, then go back to the lower one…it did this the entire time it carved, was driving me nuts

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I hear you @RobertCanning!

Hi. If you send me the gcode file, I’d like to take a stab at optimizing it with a utility I wrote. It will be a good test.I use a program called “Basic CNC Viewer” to watch how a carve progresses before and after it’s optimized. My email is … c a s m i t h at y a h o o . c o m … remove spaces.


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Is there a way to optimize the tool paths? I find Easel to be horribly time wasting.

Can you optimize this one? And I’ll test before and after.

vulture (1).nc (205.3 KB)

Here it is…
Let me know if it’s OK.vulture (1)Opt.nc (213.0 KB)

It was moving 274 inches during rapids and the new one moves 200 inches during rapids.

@RobertCanning I’ll never pay for it, especially after I still can’t get v carving to work worth a crap. I’m on an older computer, but the computer can still run full GIS software without lagging, so it’s not my computer.

@LanceCameron that’s insane! That’s far worse and more annoying to THINK about than how my carve went

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Letting you know I’m out for the day visiting Family.

Thank you Craig, I’m going to carve this today.

Have to agree with @RobertCanning here.

Learning Fusion 360 and using it to generate my toolpaths is probably the best return on investment I’ve gotten out of everything I’ve done with my X-Carve in the past 18 months. The scope of what you can do after even a few hours of learning is insane.


Hi Willie,
Did it carve OK?

Hi Phil,
I’m talking about the distance the bit moves during rapids for the project.

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I’ve imagined, which is why I’m not paying $20 per month lol.


This one makes no sense. Pocket cut, instead of just one level, jump to center and start next, it does all of the level but the edge then lifts up and starts it somewhere else.

It carved fine. Much more efficient. From 28 minutes to 23.