Home Depot & Menards being sued over lumber sizes

all these dumb things do is increase the cost to the end user.


My 1910 house has actual 2x4’s… Makes renovating and remodeling a PITA.

Okay, so the coffee is expected to be hot. It is NOT expected to be near boiling. it is ALSO not expected that the lid, will fail because it was IMPROPERLY MADE, which is what happened in this case. McDonalds had received hundreds of complaints that the lids did not fit properly. At that point, they had a ‘duty of care’ to rectify the problem. They did not, someone got hurt so THEY are at fault. It’s the same as the Pintos with a faulty gas tank that could explode in a rear end collision. Ford had a duty of care to fix that problem and they did not, until people died. THAT is why they were liable.

Lesson learned: Do not put a paper cup of hot liquid between your legs and squeeze it.


Most notable in this group are our elected officials and the government itself.

UMMMMMMMM… Ever hear of cold brew? The absolute best way of making ice coffee. Hot is amazing too if you have good beans. But cold brew is on another level.
Google it. :heart:
However lets keep this thread about the Homeless Despot!