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Just wondering if someone might be able to help me out with this …
Got my machine all set up and its running a treat, just wondering if its possible to change the Home position to the opposite end and change the direction it travels as well…
I know i can make the home point change, but i can’t seem to be able to change the direction of travel …
Is it even possible ???
(yeah the table is a weird size, but it is the space I had, so I made the most of it as best I could - Now that I think about it I could have made it a different way, but you know how it is hindsight and all … hahaha)

I’m going to assume that by having the arrows, you want the axis to move in the following manner:

Positive X moves are to the right with your wanted X home position in your drawing.

Positive Y moves are toward the front with your wanted Y home position in your drawing.

You want home position to be at the left and back position in your drawing.

You can set up the machine to work this way as long as you move the Y homing switch to the back of the machine.

That covers the hardware. Your CAD/CAM software would need to be able to work with the hardware changes that you make.