Home position settings

Hi, guys

I have two questions for the home position.
The bolow lists are my current setting.


The first question, when I press home button on the other software which are Lightburn or Grblcontrol. It goes to left and bottom for X and Y and the Z axis goes to the top as $23=3. Then I clicked get current positions and it showed X: -298.00 Y= -178.00 Z: -2.00.
Which setting I should change to get the current positions are 0,0,0 after the CNC goes to the its home position??

And for EASEL PRO, where is the Home button???
When I set my device with the EASEL PRO, I set the home position and It went the position, but I could not use any advantages of the homing switches with EASEL.

Please help me…

1 - During homing the machine reference is synced to your design enviroment. It doesnt matter what the machine coordinates show, positive or negative value.

2 - Easel / Easel Pro user interface do not have a homing button. You need to issue a $H comand in the Machine Inspector Console window.

Typical work flow:

  • Power machine ON
  • Do a homing cycle ($H)
  • Fasten your work piece and jog your bit over to your intended work zero position
  • In Easel, to set work zero, click Confirm Home Position during the setup process
    Home position do NOT equal homing position (switches)