Home Switch Actuator location?

Question for everyone… I am at the step in assembly where I am installing the 2-Home Switch Actuators. The first one is easy, because of the picture… I just install it in the front corner of the rail. Does the second one go on the same rail, just all the way in the back, or does it go on the right side rail in the back?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone.

There is only one per axis. The one you have pictured is the Y axis. The second one goes on the X axis like the next picture in the instructions shows:

Remember they are homing switches not true limit switches. To home you need to know X/Y/Z zero only so you only need 1 switch and actuator per axis.

Hahaha I was staring at that picture for an hour trying to figure it out. And it is just right there in front of my face.

Thank you.