Homing and/or Spindle Control

Hi All-
Been using my X-Carve for a month now, and it’s freaking awesome. I’ve made a bunch of parts and a sign using the Easel software, and now I’m in the process of downloading Fusion and see if I can make that work for me.

However, I’ve yet to get the homing and or automatic spindle control to work on my machine. I need to leave sometimes, and I’d love to be able to have spindle shut off when done.
For starters, can anyone tell me: are they interconnected?
How can I troubleshoot? or what should I test?

Two side questions, while I’m here (I’ve never posted on any forum before)
1- when complete, the spindle goes back to where it started, except slightly above “home”. Is this normal?
2- where can I find info on attaching a vacuum system?

Any and all help is appreciated!

Homing and spindle control are only “connected” by the fact that they are both controlled by the grbl code running on the Arduino. Other than that they are separate functions and do not affect each other.

You need to have shielded wire for your homing switches, or a low pass filter on the switch inputs to the gShield.

It would also help reduce electrical noise if you used shielded wire for the spindle wire.

Use the Easel hardware setup function to activate homing. (there are other ways to do it but Easel is the easy way)

Check out this thread on how to use the switches.

This is normal, Easel sends the Z axis to a safety height of 0.150 in

Homing will only work if you purchased and installed the limit switches, if you have what issues are you having with them working?

What spindle are you using? If you’re using the Dewalt or anything other that the original 24v spindle then you will need to get a relay, you can type it in the search box as it has been covered many times in the forum.

Again it depends on the spindle you are using, type your spindle name ie dewalt 611 and dust boot into the search box and will find plenty of info in this forum.