Homing/Design issue. Homing location off


Pretty new to this, cranked out my first trouble free carve yesterday! Now I’m trying to do my own design.

I have a 12x12 panel that I’m just trying to do a simple carve in.

I set my home on the bottom left corner of the panel. and then when I press go It starts carving and places the design NOWHERE NEAR the center like it looks in easel.

The design is carving perfectly accurate. just in the totally wrong location.

I’m guessing I have an issue with settings or the design, not the machine, being that I don’t have this problem if I carve a pre selected Icon out of the library.

It could be a machine issue. I wouldn’t rule it out just yet.

Check your belts and make sure they still have the same tension as when they were set. Sometimes loss of steps happen when the gantry is doing a rapid which happens at the beginning sometimes.

What are your machine specs?

Acme screw
Dewalt 660
All bone stock

Belt tension is good

I have two seperate files that are oriented the same way with the same homing point(same peice of wood) that are about the same size and complexity.

(The distance it moves from the home point to make its first cut is about the same distance too)

I’ll send one and cancel it because its off and then 30 seconds later send the other file and have it lay down just like it looks in easel.

interesting… so it is file specific?

it only happens with the linked hamburger file above and not with others you try?

Pickles was the answer.

I have no Idea I re imported the SVG without changing it for a 4th time and now it works.

Thanks for your help regardless!