Homing doesn't work

When running the homing sequence the Z axis switch activates but the machine does not stop. I have 0 volts on the switch and verified that when the switch activates it goes to 5 volts.Not sure why homing doesn’t work. I have read the other posts on homing but not provided info to solve my problem.

i have the same issue. During homing, hitting the switches or endstops don’t do anything and only the Z axis moves for me.

edit: fixed mine, bad Z switch. I think i cracked it or something when i was jogging it around, swapped out a new one and works now!

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Is this an upgrade from SO2? What pins are you plugging your switches into? And, do you know what grbl version you are running?

No this is not an upgrade. I ordered an XCarve directly from Inventables. The switches are plugged in to the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th positions of the pin plug going from left to right as specified by the assembly video. I am running version 9i of GRBL, which is what I assumed was loaded by Inventables when they shipped my the Arduino.

any chance you can post a pic of the wires attached to the limit switches? also a pic of how they are in the gShield?

I have a feeling that it might just be a matter of re seating the gShield onto the Arduino board, but it would help to see if that is actually the case.

I will post a picture but as I indicated in the original post I have voltages at the limit switches which tells me there is connectivity from the gshield to the switch. When the switch is open there is 5 volts across the switch. When it is closed voltage drops to zero. I have verified that the wires are connected to pins D9, 10, and 12.

Is it possible that it’s seated one pin off? It’s unlikely, but you could pop the electronics out of the case and test that pretty easily.

Oh, I wasn’t wanting to question that you did anything wrong… it just helps for those of us who are visual thinkers to see the problem and think about it rather than read about it and try and figure it out.

Here are the pictures. Thanks for your help.

Not likely because I have a spindle connected using PWM and that works fine so I think the pin alignment is ok.

Ok, re-reading your original post you are saying that when it hits the Z switch during homing the Z axis doesn’t stop or that the whole machine doesn’t stop?

Also, seeing that you tested the voltage, I am guessing that you have physically traced the wires and verified that the Z-switch is wired to pin 12?

Yes when the z switch is reached the z axis does not stop. I haven’t been able to go past this point to test the other axes because z is always the first axis to be homed. Yes I have traced all the wires and z is connected to pin 12.

I’d say, unless someone else on here has something to help out with the issue, put a call in to Inventables or at least email help @ inventibles dot com

Just grasping at straws… maybe check the soldier connection on pin 12 or maybe the ground connection for that axis?

Seems like the signal isn’t getting through to the Arduino board. I know others have had issues with the gShield not fulling being seated into the Arduino board… looks like you have ruled out all the other possibilities.

help@inventables.com !

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My bad. Thanks for watching out. :wink:

I think I finally got mine working, try taking your pins out of the black connector on the board and connect them straight and rearrange the white xyz wires (of cause I would suggest taking precautions not to touch each other I put electrical tape between them) The weird part is I also got 5v when it wasn’t working on my multimeter and perfect continuity (Also make sure only one easel window is open and clear your cookies) again had it working tonight, have to test it’s still working tomorrow :slight_smile: .

Ok thanks for all the advice. I will contact Inventables to see if they have any suggestions. :smile:

It turns out my issue is a electrical noise issue on the homing lines. To check this I disconnected my signal and ground wires from the limit switch and used them to short directly to the pins on the gshield. I first checked the signal wire directly to the ground pin and the homing signal did not trigger. I next checked the ground wire directly to the signal pin and the homing sequence initiated properly. I checked the signal wire and it had proper continuity so it must be noise on that wire. I will put a scope to it later today to confirm. May need to put a capacitor between signal and ground pins or wrap signal wire with some type of inductor to reduce noise.

Let us know if the noise was actually the issue. I would think noise would cause false positives but not false negatives.

I did put a scope on this line. There is about a 0.7 amp peak to peak noise signal on the line. I put a 0.47 uf capacitor across the line to see if I could filter some of this noise. Although I have not gone back with the scope to see the change the switch still does not activate the homing sequence. I will keep investigating. I think there is a pull up resistor on that line as part of the gshield. Not sure if that resistor in conjunction with my capacitor is a good enough low pass filter.