Homing issue_ X-Carve homing only in Z axe

Hi guys,
I have my x-carve since a year without big issue except with the Z axe stiffing, like a lot of people as I saw !
And i’m very happy of my X-Carve 1000 but since a week I can’t solve my issue with my homing, when I start the homing from easel, only the Z axe is homing and the sequence stop, so first I check all my wiring, that was fine, then I had a look in the Machine inspector and press the switch manually and the button turn green, so I restart everything computer and X-Controller few times ! But didn’t solve the issue !
Maybe the problem has already been solved in the forum but didn’t find anything !
Thanks for your help by advance

[Edit] I realized that If i home from the Machine tab it home only z axis well without issue, but when I home form the Carve tab it say that the homing failed, if anybody can help me !

[Edit_2] When I do twice homing, I mean when the Z is already home, with the green button in the inspector, the second one say that something is blocking the path, but not, beacause when i’m moving it with the arrow everything is " smooth "

Ps : Sorry for my bad English !


As a test, try changing $27 to 3 ($27=3) see if that makes if work

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Hi ! Thank you for your reply, I’m sorry but I don’t know how to use the console, I’m using easel only to send my g-code, I’m using fusion, how can i change this value ?

I send you a screen shot maybe it can help you to understand the issue.

It’s working !! what was the issue ??

Will I need do redo this each time or it should work until the next update or something like that ? Thank you so much for your help !

grbl (the firmware on the Arduino/Xcontroller) allows multiple functions to used with the homing switches. What you experienced is a situation where the carriage was not pulling back far enough after the homing cycle to open the switch and one of the other functions (limits) saw the closed switch and returned an error.

By making the Xcarve pull back further from the switch it allowed the switch to open so you were no longer in an error condition.

You won’t have to do this again unless your hardware changes enough over time so that the switch needs to move more to open the contacts.

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hello larry i need your help i have that problem in my cnc with the homnig as you are to go back help please

Edit GRBL parameter $27 to say =5 and see if that make the homing sequence “double tap” each axis trigger.

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