Homing Only Moves Z axis

Ok, so I have just rebuilt my machine and moved away from using Estlcam exclusively for machine control.

I have purchased picsender as it seems very stable etc, and it will come in handy when I finally build my laser.

Anyway, I have all of my settings correct as far as I am aware, but if I enable homing it only moves the Z axis. After this it reports that the machine is ready so I’m kind of stumped as to what is happening and why.
I have checked that the switches report being tripped or not correctly via the machine status in grbl, and they all work as expected.

Any ideas would be most welcome


It sounds like the limit switches are not wired correctly for your new software, Estlcam has a setting that you can change for normally open or normally closed switches, this is not the case with some other programs so I would make sure that the switches are wired as they are needed by your new program (norm open or closed).

The switches I am using are hall effect on their own breakout board. I didn’t actually use the switches with Estlcam as it kept machine position after tool changes etc.

The switches are wired correctly at the sensor end, and correctly as per my grbl version (1.1f I think) at the arduino. They are NO and the setting in grbl is set as default (NO switches).

I am going to leave it for a few hours and take a break, and then will try again

I’ve just fired everything back up and double checked the settings.

And realised I am an idiot… I was manually triggering the switches just to check everything before mounting/wiring. I guess my triggering with the magnet didn’t match what the machine would have done, or something? I have temp mounted the sensors and homed it wIth nothing else changed and it works as expected.

Now to see if I can reverse the homing direction for one axis

Use $23

Not motor direction. Homing direction.

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That’s great, thanks guys.

Due to using Estlcam I didn’t go anywhere near grbl commands etc, but I’m using different software now so had to read up on it.
I had to change the motor direction on one axis initially and everything homes correctly, but I want the x axis to move negative to home for ease of wiring for now.

So at least I know what I’m doing now, sort of.

Oh also while I remember. Is it possible to home each axis separately, one after the other? I wasn’t sure if it would be done in the config file or not. I haven’t read it all as there’s a wall of txt

I’m sure I read somewhere about commenting something in or out of the config file so it would home Z>X>Y instead of Z>XY but I could be wrong.

I think it would aid in dodging clamps while homing if it’s possible

Yes. You have to modify grbl to do so. There is a provision in the code for doing that, but you have to change some lines of code to the behavior that you would like to have.

Once that’s done then the $H command will execute using the modified behavior.

That’s good to hear, thanks. I’ll get investigating


Further thought makes me think I didn’t understand what you want to do.

You can’t home each axis independently, but you can have grbl home one axis at a time.

So you can have it home z then x then y (or any order you want), but you cannot have it home x,y. or z by themselves.

Are you really talking about homing, or returning to Work Zero?

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Yes I am looking to home each axis separately one after the other, instead of the normal x and y together.

I think I’ve found where I need to edit/add in the config file

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I just found Universal Gcode sender has an easy to use wizard. My only issue now is it homes Z before XY and That sucks if there is material on the bed.

That’s as it should.

Hmmmm…I’m confused. Your Z axis should home up, away from any work surface.

Then I guess I have it homing in the wrong direction. LOL

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Do you have switches installed for homing?
If you swap one pair of wires, first and second, the motor will reverse direction.

when homing it should move the Z axis up and away from the material so that it will not damage the project. then move the Y and X axis to the home position (usually the lower left side as you are looking at the machine),

when probing it should lower and set work zero on the Y and X axis then lower on the Z axis (reverse of the homing procedure) to set the work zero.

it sounded like you have the two confused.

Thanks. Yes I found that out. I’m a 3D printing guy so I’m use to 0,0,0 being bottom left corner. My mistake.