Homing or Unlocked I have to close the browser


I am trying to jog to set my new x,y but sometimes it goes into a weird state which causes me to have to close the browser and then I see the message " Machine must be homed or unlocked to jog" UNLOCK button.
Why do I have to close and reopen the browser? what is going on here?

This popup I’ve only seen when a limit switch is pressed, you may need to jog a bit in order to clear the switch, BUT with one jog movement, if the limit is still pressed it will re-alarm and you could go into the Machine inspector page (press ctrl+Shift+D to open this page) and send the command $X to unlock, clearing the alarm and then jog a bit, repeating until the machine is no longer pressing a limit switch…

What Model CNC are you using?

I am using MillRight Carve King 2

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