Homing Sequence gets "stuck"

When clicking Home Machine in Easel or the Homing Sequence when first setting up the machine, it gets “stuck.” The Spindle moves upwards on the Z-Axis and once it hits the limit switch it just stays there and doesnt back off. There is no motion on the Z or Y-Axis during the homing. The machine becomes unresponsive to any further actions and I have to cut power to the unit.

I do have the ability to move the machine on the X, Y and Z-Axis and activated the Spindle via Easel.

The limit switches do register when pressed.

Could this be a configuration issue during initial coding? How can I fix this?

More then likely the z is not hitting the switch. When it homes it runs the z first then the x and y. If it does not hit the z limit switch it can not finish with the x and y. Sounds like the switches work so you need to check and see if the z is actually pressing on the limit switch when it goes up.

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There is a slight issue with the z axis limit switch in that it appears to be pushed when the z raises but it isnt actually pushing enough to trigger it, the simple fix is to loosen tge 2 screws and angle the switch a tad to angle the front downward and tighten the screws at that angle. And if it still isnt enough, then bend the tip if the limit switch downward.

Are you referencing the X-Carve Pro or the X-Carve? There’s only one screw for holding the Pro’s Z limit switch.

Anyways, I’ve made an adjustment to it’s angle, there isnt much range of motion by the way, talking about thousandths of an inch here.

The Z-Axis stops when it first comes in contact with the black tip of the switch. I can duplicate this by using my finger to press the limit switch during the homing sequence rather than letting the Spindle casing contact it. I’m not worried about pinching my finger since I’ve back the Spindle off by a few inches.

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:man_facepalming: i was speaking of the standard xcarve

Call Inventables for technical help.

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the coding that was loaded with the original firmware was in error. We were able to get it sorted.

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