Homing switch problem

I am new to the X-Carve machine and have struggled through building the machine the last couple of days. I am to the point where I am setting up my machine now. When it tests the homing switches on setup the machine comes to the lower left corner and sticks there and continues to run like it is trying to go further. I am SO FRUSTRATED.

Please help!

Make sure that the homing switch actuator is far enough back from the end of the Y-Axis end plate so that the switch can be fully actuated when it comes in contact with it. Other than that, it might be a wiring issue, but you likely wired it correctly if the other axis are homing correctly.

You can also test the switch by manually actuating it while looking at the Machine Inspector in Easel and it should show that the homing switch is activated.


Brandon Parker

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Also make sure the switch level is actually making contact with that metal spacer/washer. Mine needed to stick out more on the x axis.

Do the homing switches only function during the homing sequence or are they supposed to always stop the homing motors from over movement? My z switch works during homing but if I accidentally jog it too far up the motor just stalls like katlyn is talking about

Still not done reading up on grbl, huh? :wink:
Your homing switches are only for homing unless you enable hard limits in your grbl settings ($21=1).
It’s not always a simple change though, as many hobby manners have issues with electro magnetic interference that causes false positives on the limit switch.

Not much… I’m going to have to find “GRBL for idiots” or something. The amount of technical jargon in any of the articles is way over my head. Its like skipping the first 10 years of arithmetic and jumping in to Algebra (thats probably a terrible analogy.) But after reading some last night, I’m going to just start messing with GRBL when I get to my machine. Things make more sense to me when I can see it happen anyway.

GRBL is just a set of rules / values.

  • The most obvious set of values are $100-102 (for X, Y, Z) as these three define the amount of steps the stepper need to do to travel 1mm.
  • The next down the line is $110-112 which define the max travel (mm per minute) allowed for each axis.
  • Third, $120-122 define the acceleration for each axis

Get that sorted first then the rest will be fairly easy to process :slight_smile:

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If you haven’t read through this, you may want to.

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