Homing switch setup

homing switch sequence setup does not respond to choosing to make the changes in Grbl. The screen refreshes but nothing changes. Over and over and over… Can anybody help me in novice terminology? Dennis

Did you run easel setup? This should handle your changes and it’s the easiest.

In easel
To get to machine inspector, then

I would run the machine inspector and check to see if the limit switches are normally open or normally closed. then I would manually trigger them with my finger and see what the response was. make sure the connection is good and that there are no short to ground in the circuit.

Thanks Kenneth, I think I can do that. I give it a try and let you know if it worked! Dennis

Thanks David, I checked out the gnea/grbl file and learned a lot about grbl and how and why it performs what it does. I think that I can make the changes. I’ll let you know what happens! Dennis