Homing Vs Work Zero Negative space

I attempted searching for this issue. Maybe I missed it. Here’s the problem I’m having:

When I HOME my machine, it goes to front left (as it should). From there, I want to set a WORK ZERO. So I open the toggle menu, send it to my desired WORK ZERO position, press the “Work Zero*” button and it Homes the machine as it says it would, and then sends the machine all the way to the back right.

SO, the problem i’m seeing is it thinks 0,0 is back right and HOME is front left at negative 29.

How do I fix this? I would like to set up a preset work zero for a two stage 3D carve but if it won’t let me set a work zero, how is it possible. I’m running Firmware 1.1G and Easel Driver 0.4.0

Side note: I noticed the 3D Carve toggle menu doesn’t have a Servo Lock feature like the standard 2D carve menu does.

Set the work zero when you go to carve. It will be after you set z height with the probe.

What software are you using?
What machine?
By default, Grbl machines have machine zero back right. The work envelope is in negative machine space. Home is wherever your switches are. Work zero can be set anywhere.

Work zero option in 3D carve?

That’s what I typically do. But I’ve seen some videos where you can always set a WORK ZERO to a specific location, BEFORE you go to the carve menu. However, not possible if work zero is back right 0,0 and Home is front left -29,-29.

Anyway I can get front left to say 0,0 Home?

Yes. It’s an option when you’re in 3D carve menu. There’s a Home button and a Work Zero Button.

Easel Pro Software with X-Carve 1000x1000 Upgraded.

Any way to set Home front left to 0,0 instead of -29,-29?

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Yes, by changing, compiling, and flashing the firmware.

That said, you can set your work origin anywhere. The negative values are MACHINE coordinates and are irrelevant for must use cases. If you explain your end goal, I can explain more. If you’re just annoyed seeing the negative machine coordinates, you’ll have to recompile Grbl.

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