Hooking up j-tech laser help!

I hooked up a new j-tech 7w laser I just purchased. I can turn the laser on manual mode and it will turn on, but it won’t fire if I hit the fire button in the light burn software. I changed all the $30 values to what the needed to be according to the directions given from J-tech. I tried sending G1 F100 M03 S1000 to the controller to see if the out put form the spindle PWM had 5v. the meter read 0. I just pulled my controller apart and I don’t see anything visually wrong with it. is there anything I can test?? where do I look next? so lost at the moment. Any help would be apricated! Thank you all for help!

Are you set up to the right comport down at the bottom of the page and have it set to 115200?

Post your grbl settings

Have you called Jay at J Tech Phontics? He is amazing at helping with the setup.

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there is my control settings, and yes I have talked to him. he thinks it may be a bad x-controller… but im still waiting for a response from inventables, just though I would see if anyone else has had this issue before

Are you able to move the xy or z in the lightburn program?

yes I am able to move it every way. The only thing that isn’t working is firing the laser. it will work in manual mode, just not in auto or the “fire” button

Sounds odd. Sometimes i have to double click on the fire button for it to come on. Maybe try that.

I have tried that many times lol

I guess maybe someone else might have the amswer. I would think if the x controller was bad the machine would not move but there may be more to it.

Im thinking it just has one bad connection in there somewhere? I wish I knew more about them.

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You have you max and min values for PWM set from 0-255. This in done on the $30 and $31 GRBL values.

You are sending M3 S1000, which is outside the 0-255 range. Check with your multimeter the output as you said you already did sending M3 S255, M3 S128 and M3 S0. You should see 5V, about 2.5V and 0V respectively.

I don’t know if that is your problem, but worth a check. That’s how it works on my homemade controller (Demon Controller).

If the voltage doesn’t change at all then I would suspect your controller board or a connection between the board and the terminals at the back.

Good luck.

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Have you tried turning the power up on the Fire button? What is your power setting?

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