Hoping to get some direction

I currently have vectric aspire and was wanting to know if there is any tutorials that will help me along on making the letters like in the photo where they are trimmed and offset from the smaller letters. Thanks for any help and insightd85f96b7b841b61dab816a85656ebe61

I’ve not done this, so its just speculation, but I think it’d work. If I had to guess the pieces you’re missing are “convert text to curves” and/or the offset tool.

Make the big word. Put it on a layer.
Convert the big word into curves.
Make the script text, put it on its own layer.
Turn the script text into curves.
Use the offset tool to offset the script Outwards by, say, a quarter of an inch.
Move the offset to the big word layer. Hide the script layer for now.
Using the scissors (or maybe some kind of combine operation?), trim the vectors of the big word (you did turn it into curves, didn’t you?), so they’re not showing the area that will cut through.
Cut the resultant “big word” objects with and endmill and the pocketing toolpath
Cut the script words with a V-Carve toolpath.
Seal. spraypaint. sand. Impress friends and family.


Awesome. Thank you very much. I’ll give it a shot when I get home from work

Worked exactly as wanted. Thanks again

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Please post pics when done, I love these, If I only had more time!

You inspired me, my anniversary is approaching and this will be a perfect gift for my wife who loves gardening.

Just knocked this design up in 15 mins.

The methods above should work. The easiest method I know of would be to use illustrator to overlay the text, convert text to path, outline the path 1/4", and then use the Merge tool in the pathfinders section. It would essentially create exactly that vector arrangement.

This method is exactly the same method Inventables used when they created their LED sign, and you can view that video on youtube.

Nice, did you do that with only Vectric?

Yes, very powerful software. Love it to bits.

Thanks for the reply that’s good to know I will have to learn that technique.
I have Vcarve desktop and am very happy with it’s capability.