Horizontal router table

Small router table I built with the help of my XC1000. The design is not originally mine I used some free plans from Rockler, transfered them to Sketchup then VCarve.

I made most the parts with the XC not so much out of necessity. One day I will make another with several improvements, mainly micro adjusting the up/down movement of the router with a threaded rod and a larger set up.

For the most part the pieces can be made with a table saw much faster, but the XC brings in accuracy. So splitting the work with the XC works best, future table I will cut the main body parts and let the XC do cuts that control the table movements and the router mounts.


Looks great! What do you use this kind of set up for?

It’s good for making joints, little more flexibility when making molding.

This is fantastic. I made a smaller version to use with a dremel to put bevels on thin materials.

I have been making so many new tools and jigs to make life easier.