Hose management

A nice $14 solution to dust hose management. Got this cell phone holder from amazon. Holds my shopvac hose perfectly on my 1k mm xcarve and let me quickly adjust or remove whenever i dont need it.
Sometimes its the little things…



Clever idea. Thanks for sharing. In your pictures, the holder looks solid enough to keep the hose up and out of the way.

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Looks a lot less cumbersome than the Inventables hose support I have!

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Interesting… I’m not sure this would work in my situation or not. I not only have the vacuum hose but I have a water cooling hose, and and of course the power cord. This seems like it mostly raises the hose up, but then it has to pivot from that point, as opposed to actually follow the machine. I think the other arms/booms would follow the machine better. I was thinking of adding something like some shower curtain hangers to the arm as well to allow for side to side travel. I guess I just have my doubts that this would work for the entire range of the table. Perhaps just for the vacuum hose, but as I said in my case I’ve got a water cooling hose and the power cord too.Certainly seems like an inexpensive solution if it works.

My solution was to use a PC monitor mount like this:

Just mount it to your table, zip tie your hose to it, and it moves back and forth as your hose needs more length.