Hot Glue Gun tips please

Am trying to carve a series of rather nice square plates, problem is the file is an stl and have had problems with holding down the second side. There is not enough surface area for tape & ca to hold the underside to the spoilboard so the plate comes loose and there goes another nice lump of hardwood. Have never used hot melt glue before so any tips’d be great
Thought I would try the hot glue, either to hold the piece while carving the second side or to put some support at the corners of the plate. The gun arrived today & I used it to stick a couple of scraps together and one of the scraps broke trying to separate them. That was with a blob of melt about the size of a blueberry.
So my questions are is there an easy way to separate them, will not be able to put glue around the edges but could put a small blob in the center. Or could make some wedges at the edges of the plate for support, & glue them in place either with glue on the spoilboard only or on both, spoilboard and underside of plate?
Would like to make a dozen or so plates so a bit of fixturing might be worth the time it would take.

Use a heat gun to loosen the glue. It doesn’t take much.

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Now why didn’t I think of that, great tip.

Are all your pieces the same (size and shape)? I created a pocket in a block of wood for engraving on small dog tags. Used small brass screws at the edge to hold them in place.

The pieces are sized to suit the wood that I have so each one is a little different. I just set one up using hot melt glue, if that works out will be fine.
May make some mini jack stands to support the piece so the glue is not stressed.

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