Hotel Corn Hole

Second paid project done. Made completely out of cedar. The top panel is glued up and the logo is an epoxy inlay. Hit it with 4 coats of spar and called it a day. Overall, it took three weekend days and every night after work.


A) your subject sounds like a hotel I would NOT want to stay at :slight_smile:

B) what’s the remote for? Quad or RC?

C) good looking boards!!


Ha ha. Good point. I didn’t put too much thought into the subject. The remote was for a quad copter before I watched it get smaller and smaller in the sky and then it was gone lol.

I feel your pain, I still have the remote from my first quad hanging in my garage as well. One day it decided to spontaneously flip upside down and bee-line right for the asphalt. Only the batteries survived …

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Yeah it certainly is fun flying, but quite a money pit. I started with helicopters and destroyed every one that I got. Right now I’d rather trash some lumber than a $600 flying machine when a mistake is made.

Go cheap. I moved to foam planes that cost almost nothing. I been flying for 50 years and love it


Really sharp. I note in particular a terrific job of wood selection and arrangement for gluing up the panels.

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Boards look great.

On the quad subject… I got one for Fathers day. It is a Skyviper 2450 from ToysRus (was 60% off)… Took it outside the other day because there were some birds flying over the house and I thought it would be cool to fly with them… Took off right in front of the house… WIND GUST!!! Took the dang thing right over the roof of the house and out of range… it happened too fast to shut it down before getting out of range…… Found it in the trees 500 feet away.