Hour meter

Has anyone installed an hour meter to track brush wear?
I’m looking for one with reset but cant seem to find what I’m looking for.

This was suggested a couple of years back:

Thanks for the response.
During my search I did find your post, but when I look up that meter, I cant find anywhere it is able to be reset.
I want to be able to track the hours on my brushes.
After changing them, I want to reset the hour meter to zero.

Understood, hopefully someone can provide 1.st hand experience :slight_smile:

I am using a DIY built auto spindle controller for the Dewalt 611. For that it would not be hard to do as I could wire an Arduino with an LCD to the spindle control line which I believe is 5vdc and that would could display the information and advise you when it needs to be changed. Using a push button wired to the Arduino would be used to reset the counter. Just an idea

Thanks for the response.
I think that may be out of my realm of expertise (or lack thereof)
I was hoping to find something off the shelf and do a simple wiring job on the DeWalts power cord.

What about something like this:

I am not sure how it would be wired though, either in parallel or series

Geez, when I was searching I couldn’t find any that were resettable.
After clicking on yours, all kinds of them pop up.
Go figure right??
Thank you.

No problem very glad I could help. An good luck with your idea. I like your idea but I am going to go the Arduino route as I already have the set up and all the parts for it.