House Trespassing sign

Made this for my house. sign is not yet finished still need to round over the edges and put on a protective clear

here are the project files if you want to make your ownWords and gun.gcode (853.5 KB)Words and gun [Pocket].gcode (596.5 KB)Will be shot.crv3d (5.6 MB)Surfacing.gcode (1.8 KB)Instructions.txt (162 Bytes)EGA.gcode (236.6 KB)


I like it!!

It should have a few bullet holes.

Ya maybe I’ll edit it and see how I like it

Oh yeah. The anti gun guys are going to love your sign. Don’t think I would advertise I even got guns. Let them find out the hard way…Nice sign tho.

Edit heck just blow a few thru it. It’ll give it that extra touch.

Love the sign, Especially with our emblem. Semper Fi.

I have a 45 just one shot will blow the sigh to parts

Mine would say “Trespassers will be licked to death by friendly dog. Bring steaks.”


Nice sign, regardless of one’s gun philosophy! Also, thanks for sharing your files.