Housing X-Carve in high humidity environment

We live in Washington state in the rain forest area. The shop where the X-Carve will be located cannot be made moisture proof. Has anyone seen or made a box or enclosure to create a drier environment for the X-Carve?

My X-Carve is in Georgia, in a shop that has no temperature/climate control of any kind and I have had no issues with the humidity.

My XC has survived 1.5 years in our open carport about a mile from the ocean air in Hawaii. It’s not exposed to direct rain but is located in the tradewind cross flow. After each use I clean off the dust and occasionally coat the accessible fasteners with paste wax. I keep it covered but allow some airflow between uses. Have not seen any aluminum oxidation yet. I am planning to move it indoors soon.

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Humidity will undoubtedly effect the Mdf wasteboard if that’s what you’re using. Mill it flat from time to time and replace when needed. The other components should hold up quite well.

You’ll get some rust on the screws just from properly tightening them most likely.

I too have my Xcarve in my non-controlled basement in Georgia and all I’ve seen is some occassional rust on a screw. As mentioned, the MDF waste board will swell and need flattening but no major issues should be expected.

I live in Louisiana. Can’t get much more humidity that here. My machine is in my shop that rarely use the a/c. It gets both high humidity and then a little a/c which drops the humidity. I have not had any problems