How about a category for speed/feed/depth etc settings for different bits

I don’t know if this has been requested by anyone yet, but I think it would be great to see a category on the forum where people can post feed/speed/depth and bit information along with type of material etc. for different projects with a picture or two to go along with it.

as someone who is totally new to CNC this would be a very helpful tool in creating my projects and also help in purchasing bits.

I know that once I get things dialed in I would be happy to provide any useful information I come up with. I know there are formulas etc out there and they are great, but I think if someone posts specific field tested information it will be more practical and helpful.

Any thoughts?


I think spindles should be part of the categories as well I have data for the Dewalt 611 spindle that i can provide speeds are a little hard to figure on the dewalt so i will provide knob number speeds

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It would be nice if anyone posting a project would include:

Spindle speed

I also have the Dewalt 611 so that works fine for me.

so, a good format would be something like;

Spindle type and speed/setting
Total D.O.C.
Incremental D.O.C. (number of passes)
Bit type/manufacturer/model number

then any notes.

I don’t think the project itself matters, however a pic of the cuts made would be nice also.

@GlennMDutcher - and if the settings actually work! :wink:

Are you wanting to know the depth of cut for each pass or the total number of passes?

For most woods and bits over .125 inch it is really not that difficult. Keep the dewalt set to 1 or 2, keep the DOC to about half the bit diameter and the feedrate between 50 and 60 ipm or up to 80 ipm for MDF. Then look at your results and make small adjustments if your finish it not as good as you hoped. This works for my X-Carve 500, never used a machine with longer rails so I have no idea if these numbers are valid for those machines or not.

If you are using a smaller bit reduce the DOC even more and increase the Dewalt speed to 3, Be sure your waste board and work material are flat! If a small bit hits a high spot you stand a good chance of breaking it.

what about 24v spidle, i use 1200 rpm,vbit 90 degree,oak wood, i have very noisy when i carve wood, what is the best setting for the bit, i use vcarve pro.